Terms & Conditions

We abide by the rules

Refund Policy

1. We have a reimbursement policy that can be invoked 15 days after output delivery.
2. If the customer re-tenders submitted work after the 15-days limit owing to quality, an extra 30% fee to proofread and 50% for review is payable. (The 30% and 50% rates are evaluated on project quantity or word count)
3. Refund policy only covers audio files or documentation categorized as group A/Excellent and Group B/Good quality.
4. We sponsor another proofreading if you raise a quality issue for a reimbursement.
5. We only assent to a request if the final product of our extra proofreading falls beyond the quality level desired. Also send the revised transcript when lodging this request.
6. The reimbursement policy is not indiscriminate, audio feed or jotted notes classified as Difficult or ordered via Rush/Super Rush options are excluded from it.
7. Rush orders or Difficult sound quality factions pose challenges compelling us to waive theHigh or better accuracy.
8. The turnaround time starts only upon the completion of the payment, and not from the time of file upload.